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Introducing Not Without My Teammates! A new picture book about CFL champions co-authored by Gwen Smid and Jeff McWhinney, the Keeper of the Grey Cup.

Since the beginning of this project Jeff McWhinney had a vision to inspire young people through words of encouragement and a message of teamwork, inclusion, diversity and education.”         

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“A powerful picture book.” – Prairie Books Now

trex girl cover

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Double Hop! Stomp!

When shy Ting becomes T-Rex Girl, she finds her inner roar and discovers that real courage comes from inside.


Available in February 2019 from Peanut Butter Press.

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“A great tale of magic, adventure, exploration, and learning!” 
– CM Magazine

A McNally Robinson bestseller!

Mary’s Atlas: Mary Meets Manitoba
Picture Book Ages 3+ (Also available in French)
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Mary has an atlas.
It isn’t an ordinary atlas.
Mary can zip and zoom anywhere.

In the Canadian province of Manitoba, Mary meets Bou the bison.

Mary and Bou discover the tricky North Wind has stolen                                                       something very important, and the Canadian province of Manitoba
won’t be the same without it.
What did the tricky North Wind take?
Zip and zoom with Mary to find out!
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Mary’s Atlas: Mary Meets Ontario

Picture Book Ages 3+

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“If it’s fun you want, then this book is a good bet!”

– The Winnipeg Free Press

Help Mary and Gavi the loon as they try to discover

why Ontario’s Great Lakes have dried up.


Zip and zoom to Ottawa, Canada’s capital city,
where the Parliament Hill gargoyles grin grins
that only gargoyles can grin.


Flip and fly to Toronto, Ontario’s capital city,

and see who’s at the tippy-top of the CN Tower.

Take a closer look at the empty Great Lakes.
Chat with the fish stuck in the gunky goo.
Readers will garner facts about this Canadian province
through the facts sprinkled along the bottom of the pages.
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